Rep. Steve King Calls Allegation Against Kavanaugh ‘The New Standard’

REUTERS/Mark Kauzlarich

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King called the sexual misconduct allegations leveled against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh “false” and wondered how any man could disprove similar allegations during a speech he gave on Saturday.

As The Hill reports, King was speaking to a crowd of evangelical Christians at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition conference. He said the allegations have set a “new standard” for confirmation that few men can ever hope to satisfy.

“They are surely attempting to thwart Justice Kavanaugh. Look at the allegations made by a sole individual, who doesn’t remember the residence, the house, the names of the owners of this house, who else was at the place, except for one person who says it didn’t happen,” King said. “How can you disprove something like that?”

“You add all of that together and I’m thinking, is there any man in this room that wouldn’t be subjected to such an allegation? A false allegation?” King said. “How can you disprove something like that? Which means, if that’s the new standard, no man will ever qualify for the Supreme Court again.”

King called Kavanaugh “an individual with a stellar, stellar reputation” who has been the victim of “character assassination.”

Christine Blasey Ford claims that Kavanaugh wrestled her onto a bed and tried to disrobe her during a high school party 36 years ago. After initially refusing to testify before the Senate confirmation committee, Ford has agreed to speak.

Kavanaugh has categorically denied the allegation.

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