Defensive Back Taunts Wide Receiver. He Gets Hit With Instant Karma [VIDEO]

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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There was an all-time great karma highlight out of the Canadian Football League (CFL) this past weekend.

BC Lions defensive back Garry Peters decided it was a good idea to call out an Eskimos receiver and taunt him at the line of scrimmage. Seems like a rational thing to do if you know you’re capable of making a play.

However, that’s not even close to what happened. Peters got rocked as soon as the ball got snapped in amazing fashion. Watch the awesome video below. (RELATED: Johnny Manziel Opens Up About His Adjustment To Life In The CFL)

That is an all-time embarrassing move. It really can’t get much worse at all. That’s the type of move where you just have to stick your head in the sand afterwards and hope nobody notices you ever again.

There’s nothing worse in sports than taunting somebody and then getting jacked up. I’d rather lose a football game by 100 than have that happen to me. It’s the most emasculating thing possible.

On a side note, I’ve actually watched a decent amount of CFL football, and it’s pretty entertaining. I had no idea about it prior to Manziel showing up. Now, I think it’s safe to say it’s very fun to watch.

Who would have ever guessed I’d be saying that about football north of the border?

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