The Big Ten Conference Is Officially In Complete Chaos. What Is Going On?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Big Ten is currently in a complete state of anarchy when it comes to college football.

I honestly have no idea what is happening, who is the best or what is going to happen down the stretch. I figured the Buckeyes were going to roll through the conference, and breeze to a B1G title. Would you like to know how well that worked out? (RELATED: The Latest AP College Football Poll Is Here. Number Two Might Have Your Head Spinning)

Purdue blew them off the damn field. Ohio State lost to Purdue! How the hell does that even happen?


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Then, Michigan – a team I thought Wisconsin would murder – turns out to apparently be the second coming of Jesus on the field.


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Penn State and the Badgers both can’t seem to keep their heads above water, and the world of B1G big boy football has essentially been turned upside down. I wouldn’t be willing to bet a single dollar on the outcome of the conference at this point.

For all I know, Purdue might run away with the Big Ten West. What a wild world we’re living in!

They say the only thing you can depend on in football is that things will always eventually go to hell. That’s where we find ourselves right now. It’s a world of chaos. It’s time to sink or swim, gentlemen. This is the time we’re about to find out who we really are.

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