Will I Ever Give Up On My Beloved Wisconsin Badgers? The Answer Is Incredibly Simple

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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People hoping I’ll eventually throw in the flag on my Wisconsin Badgers are setting themselves up to be sorely disappointed.

Apparently, people out there think it’s totally acceptable to abandon your team after a few tough losses. My Badgers embarrassingly stumbled against BYU and then got destroyed by Michigan. Was I happy? Was I content? Was I okay? The answer to all those questions is an obvious and resounding no. (RELATED: Michigan Massacres Wisconsin In A Bloodbath For The Ages. It’s A National Tragedy)

However, I’m not some weak dude who runs at the first sign of trouble. It’s not going to happen!

I’m a Wisconsin Badger. We could lose the next 100 and my resolve wouldn’t change. Men aren’t judged by what we do when things are going well. We’re judged by what we do when the wheels fall off. We’re judged by how we maintain ourselves when all hope seems lost.

You people might cut and run at the first sign of trouble. I reload, dig in and prepare to hold the line at any and all costs.

My football team might not win a national championship this year. That sometimes happens. It just wasn’t meant to be, but anybody who thinks I’m going to cut and run is a first rate idiot.

I’ll fight a million wars on a million fronts before I abandon my post as a loyal Wisconsin fan. My apologies if my resolve makes your manhood feel a little smaller. Welcome to the big leagues, gentlemen.

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