Maher Rips Media For ‘Doing Donald Trump’s Dirty Work’ On ‘Stupid’ Caravan Coverage

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HBO host Bill Maher on Friday ripped the media for doing President Trump’s “dirty work” when it comes to covering “this stupid, fucking caravan.”


“If the media’s liberal, I gotta say, they’re doing Donald Trump’s bidding, especially with this stupid, fucking caravan,” said Maher as he introduced the topic to his panel. “You know, it’s a lie that this caravan is a problem of that magnitude, then why cover it so much on all your networks?! You are doing Donald Trump’s dirty work!”

Former Trump communications director Anthony Scaramucci responded by criticizing the media for not covering the caravan on a “human level.”

Maher added later that Trump was responding to the story on a macro level instead of a human level in order to ramp up conservative voters. (RELATED: Tucker Asked Jorge Ramos How Many Caravan Migrants He Planned To Take In — Things Got Awkward Fast)

“[Trump’s] getting the story as low as he can to scare people on his side into voting,” Maher said, responding to Scaramucci’s point.

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