ESPN Pundit Responds To Criticism From Urban Meyer’s Wife. Here’s What He Said

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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ESPN pundit Paul Finebaum has hit back at criticism from Urban Meyer’s wife Shelley.

Shelley recently tweeted and deleted criticism of the outspoken college football expert and how she doesn’t watch ESPN anymore. The tweet read, “Ummmm, newsflash? Or Maybe not. He gets NONE OF MY ATTENTION. Should get no one else’s either. I don’t listen or watch him or his network anymore.” (RELATED: Urban Meyer’s Wife Attacks ESPN Pundit On Twitter. What In The World Is She Thinking?)

Finebaum said the following during an appearance on “First Take”:

I don’t believe in deleting the tweet. You say something, everybody already knows it, it’s been disseminated across the country. I don’t know what to say to her. I know her fairly well. She’s a nice woman. I think she has bigger problems right now dealing with whatever Urban is going through than slapping back at me.

The health problems Finebaum is referring to is the fact it was recently revealed Meyer is dealing with a brain cyst.


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I think Finebaum did the correct thing here by taking the high road. There’s absolutely no reason to make this situation worse by getting into a slap fight with the wife of the OSU football coach. Absolutely nothing good will come of that.

Having said all of that, Urban needs to tell his wife to stay off Twitter. There’s no point in her airing out her laundry and disagreements with ESPN employees for the world to watch play out. That’s just beyond idiotic.

I have no idea what will happen with Meyer, OSU and the Buckeyes. For all I know he could coach there for the next 100 years or be gone by tomorrow. All I do know for sure is that something is going on and it’s not great.

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