Tucker Carlson Debates Former Sen. Harry Reid Staffer On Birthright Citizenship

Mike Brest Reporter
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Tucker Carlson debated Jon Summers, a former communications director for Sen. Harry Reid, about the constitutionality of ending birthright citizenship on Thursday night.

Reid introduced a bill in 1993 to the Senate Judiciary Committee known as the Immigration Stabilization Act of 1993, which would have supported termination of granting citizenship to children of non-citizens born in the country. But the legislation did not last long, as it was sent to the Subcommittee on Immigration and Refugee Affairs and ended there.

Reid later changed his position in December 1999, citing a conversation with his wife as the reason he switched his beliefs.


“What was the fact that changed his mind, he no longer thinks rewarding illegal behavior encourages more of it?” Carlson asked.

“Again it’s understanding the stories of the people who are involved. It’s about understanding the history of the 14th amendment, which by the way, it sounds to see like you are actually in favor off Congress being able to decide who gets to be a citizen and who doesn’t get to be a citizen,” Summers followed up.

“The 14th amendment was added three years after the end of the Civil War to enfranchise African Americans and acknowledge what was already true, which was that they were citizens. It was not designed to allow illegals to be rewarded for coming here illegally,” Carlson responded before being interrupted.

President Donald Trump recently raised the issue during an interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan on Monday night. In the interview, Trump explained that he doesn’t believe there is a need for a constitutional amendment to overturn birthright citizenship. (RELATED: Fact Check: Is The US The Only Country With Birthright Citizenship?)

“And if you take away the 14th amendment, that says if you’re born in this country then you’re a citizen. You take that away then someone else gets to make that decision. In the 14th amendment was designed to take that away from Congress,” Summers followed up.

“Did Harry Reid conclude, have you concluded, have Democrats concluded, that it’s good for America to have people come here illegally and have kids here? Honestly, are you making that case?” Carlson asked.

“I think what we’re talking about, you asked about his changing views, the case that we’re talking about now is if you’ve got people who are coming in who are subverting the law, not living up to its intent, then that’s something we have to address,” Summers answered.

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