This Story About Aaron Rodgers First Hitting On Danica Patrick Is Downright Laughable [VIDEO]

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers are one of the most high-profile couples in the sports world, but they come from humble beginnings.

And we’re not talking about how they grew up. We’re talking about how the Green Bay QB reportedly approached Danica Patrick when they first met. (RELATED: Here’s How Danica Patrick Celebrated Aaron Rodgers’ Record-Shattering NFL Deal)

Danica touched on her relationship with Rodgers briefly during a motivational discussion in North Dakota Wednesday, where she explained how the two met at a bar at the night of the ESPYs in 2012.

“He was at the bar, puttin’ out the vibe — ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ you know?” Danica began, per TMZ.

No we don’t know, but go on.

“And I remember he was doing movie lines! And people that love movie lines LOVE movie lines. So, I think we had a dialogue in movie lines, and I was like, ‘This guy is really funny!'”


How? How on earth is “Dumb And Dumber” charming or funny in any way?

Are we talking about the same movie? The one with Jim Carrey, one of the most unfunny comedians in the biz, in one of his worst movies ever created?

I don’t see how Aaron Rodgers ever managed to pull this off. It might have something to do with him being one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

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