The Washington Redskins Sign A New Quarterback. Colin Kaepernick Fans Won’t Be Happy

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Washington Redskins signed Josh Johnson to fill their quarterback void late Tuesday.

The Redskins’ quarterback problems have only continued to get worse after backup Colt McCoy got hurt Monday against the Philadelphia Eagles. That left Mark Sanchez as the guy to lead the way.

Some speculated this was finally the opening Colin Kaepernick had been waiting for. The team even openly admitted they had taken a look at the former 49ers quarterback. (RELATED: Here Are The Best Moments From NFL Week 13)

Well, fans of the national anthem kneeling quarterback had their hopes dashed when Johnson, who was recently selected in the inaugural AAF draft, was inked to a deal to backup Sanchez.

There’s truly nothing funnier than people honestly believing Kaepernick is going to get another shot, and then watching some other guy get signed. It’s even funnier because Johnson threw his last pass in the NFL back in 2011.

It will never ever get old. I hope this trend happens for the next decade, and I’ll keep laughing to the bank the whole way.


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Why would the Redskins sign Kaepernick to be a backup knowing the media circus that’ll come with him? Backups are supposed to sit silently and not cause a distraction. That’s the exact opposite effect Kaep would have.

They can keep hoping forever, and it’s just not going to happen. Welcome back to reality everybody. As for Johnson, the Redskins’ season is over, but at least he’ll get a few more NFL paychecks. You can’t ever hate a guy for getting his money.


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Now, prepare for the Kaepernick fans to really dig in. Crack a beer, smile and laugh with the rest of us.

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