Eric Holder, Dems Decry Obamacare Ruling, Respond By Calling For Medicare For All

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A federal judge’s decision in Texas to strike down a key provision of the Affordable Care Act brought a strong reaction from Democrats and journalists in favor of the law.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder responded to District Judge Reed O’Connor’s Friday ruling by decrying the “single, hard right judge” who made the decision and calling for an end “this nonsense” by passing “Medicare for all.”

Holder also decried “McConnell court packing.”

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said Republicans have “let children, senior citizens and the sick out in the cold.” (RELATED: Trump’s Taken Two Huge Swipes At Obamacare In Under A Week) 

Vox’s Ezra Klein predicted the calls for “Medicare for all” from the left:

Fox News’ Chad Pergram also anticipated the calls for “Medicare for all.”

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