Sanders Slams Fox News For Not Reaching The Bar Set By Other Networks

Mike Brest Reporter
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CNN’s Symone Sanders criticized Fox News — saying that the network does not reach the same bar that other cable news networks do — during a Monday panel on “The Lead” with Jake Tapper.

Sanders was joined on the panel by David Urban, Bill Kristol, and Jen Psaki. They were discussing the case surrounding U.S. Army Major Matt Golsteyn, who killed a suspected Taliban bomb maker in 2010. In 2016, Golsteyn admitted to the killing during an interview. Following the reopening of the investigation, the Army charged him with premeditated murder earlier this week. (RELATED: Trump To Review Case Of Green Beret Charged With Killing Taliban)

President Donald Trump tweeted over the weekend that he plans to review the case.


“But here, this is another instance of President Trump seeing a report on Fox News, not finding out more about it, just going by what he saw, what he picked up, and then changing policy or trying to change policy or inserting himself in policy. I’ve heard some people say we shouldn’t really worry about state-run media. It’s the media-run state that’s the concern here,” Tapper stated. (RELATED: Sanders Says ‘It’s A Conspiracy Theory’ That The Caravan Is Violent)

“Media-run state, cc: Fox News, Fox Business, whatever else is out there. I think folks should — I keep saying this, people should be concerned,” Sanders stated. “There used to be a really high bar about the things that get to the president’s desk. The things that come across the president’s purview for he or she — hopefully sometime soon, maybe sooner than later — to consider.”

She continued:

“Now, I — Fox News — and I know we don’t like to disparage other networks and what not. But unfortunately, the bar that has been applied to other networks such as our network and NBC, MSNBC, is not the same bar that is applied at Fox [News]. There are a whole swath of Americans who only watch Fox News, who only get their news from a different network, that does not have a high bar, that is not fact-checking. That is not vetting. That is why this is so dangerous. They’re not!”

Urban just laughed at Sanders’ comments.

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