Police Chief Randy Richardson Breaks Down In Tears Talking About Fallen Officer Ronil Singh

(Fox News 12/28/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Newman, California, Police Chief Randy Richardson broke down in tears discussing the death of one of his officers at the hands of an illegal immigrant in front of reporters on Thursday.

Richardson opened up after Officer Ronil Singh, 33, was shot and killed at a traffic stop during a chase. Singh was attempting to pull over the suspect, an illegal immigrant, on the suspicion of driving under the influence. Singh immigrated to the United States himself from Fiji.

The video of Richardson talking to reporters aired on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” Thursday night. (RELATED: Man Deported Twice Murders 2 As A Result Of CA’s Sanctuary Laws)


“He’ll never see his son walk. He doesn’t get to hold that little boy, hug his wife, say ‘good night’ anymore because a coward took his life,” Newman said to reporters.

“He was truly just a human being — an American patriot. Ronil was not born in America. Ronil was born in Fiji. He came to this country with one purpose and that was to serve this country,” he added.

Newman continued:

You have to understand this was not supposed to happen here. I’ve been to too many of these funerals, and I never thought, ever, that I would have to be doing this. I do not want to be here today. I would give anything not to. I did not know Christmas morning at 4:00 in the morning, when I said goodbye to him, and sent him off to his family, that it would be the last time that I saw him. My department is hurting. We’re struggling through this. So please be in mind when you see them. That’s it’s hard for them. We’re a family. We’re not an agency. We’re a family.

The killer is still on the run and is considered armed and dangerous. It’s unclear how long the individual has been in the country and whether or not he has a previous criminal record.

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