Rams Fan Bryan Cranston Talks Playoffs And Working With Eagles Fan Kevin Hart: ‘I Think He’s Four-Foot, Two’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Los Angeles Rams fan Bryan Cranston trolled Kevin Hart, an Eagles fan and his co-star of the recently released film “Upside,” as he talked about NFL playoff excitement Friday.

The comments came when the 62-year-old actor appeared on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” program during a discussion about the upcoming playoff games when the Rams will battle the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of division playoffs Saturday.

“I go way back to the fearsome foursome … and then in 1996 they took off,” Cranston shared. “It was like, wait a minute, like you were being dumped for another city. And then they’re gone for 20 years.” (RELATED: Bryan Cranston Says ‘Sexual Predatory Behavior Is Not A Hollywood Problem’)


“And then they come back, he added. “And you can smell the St. Louis all over and ‘you expect me just to welcome you back do you?’ I was a little stand-offish at first but they won me back.”  (RELATED: Bryan Cranston On Trump: You Should Be Held Accountable For What You Say)

Cranston continued, “And now with the new energy that was infused. It’s a very exciting time.” (RELATED: Here Were The Best Moments From Wild Card Weekend In The NFL)

At one point, the hosts of the show asked if the “Malcolm in the Middle” star and Hart had watched any games together and whether a wager was on the line between the two if the teams happened to meet up in the NFC Championship game.

“Yeah, there will be,” Cranston exclaimed. “There will be.”

“I think he’s [Hart] about four-foot, two,” he added. “And so when he [Hart] was doing the Eagles wave on the set it was like, ‘no you’re a ground squirrel.’ That’s not a …. you get scooped up by an owl.”

The whole room then started laughing.

Later, the crew got the “Upside” star to don his Walter White black hat and send a message to Eagles’ Nick Foles in his “Breaking Bad” character’s voice ahead of the teams’ game Sunday against the New Orleans Saints.