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When it comes to gyms, a lot of us can’t justify the travel time and cost. The OYO Personal Gym SE provides an alternative. It’s a full-body resistance machine that’s completely portable, weighing only 2 pounds and measuring out to only 4.4″H x 24.5″L x 6.0″W. This way, you can hit the gym whenever you want, free of the constraints that normally come with working out. Check out the deal—26% off at The Daily Caller Shop gets you the OYO for only $73 compared with the usual $99.95.

Completely adaptable across the body, the OYO provides up to 15 pounds of smooth resistance to grow lean muscle, increase flexibility, and slim you down. Use it at home, at the office, and travel with it when you’re out of town—the convenience of the OYO can mean more regular workouts and better results than a normal gym membership. Plus, it comes with a companion coaching app to create momentum and keep you on the ball.

Check out this 26%-off, do-everything personal gym today at The Daily Caller Shop and begin a new fitness chapter—currently only $73 out the door instead of the normal $99.95 MSRP.

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