Columnist Joe Concha Rebukes The Media For Dishonest Reporting On Catholic School Kids

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Columnist for The Hill, Joe Concha, condemned the media’s coverage of an Indigenous People’s March protest on “Fox & Friends” Monday and accused the press of showing too much liberal bias.

“Reagan used to say trust but verify. And now it seems like the media seems to have a slogan that says let’s be first instead of accurate which is supposed to be the other way around,” Concha said. “This is a classic case as you said, rushing to judgment by the media and it always seems to happen one way, doesn’t it guys? Against groups or ideologies that they may disagree with to push a narrative.”

Concha was referring to the story about a group of teenagers from Covington Catholic School in Kentucky who attended The March for Life on Friday. (RELATED: The Real Story Behind The Catholic School Boys And Their Dust Up With A Native American Veteran)

The young men, who were wearing MAGA hats at the time, were approached by a group of Native Americans who began singing and chanting in their faces as part of the Indigenous People’s March. Following the incident the media had a visceral reaction, with New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman asking if the boys would face expulsion.


Concha specifically called out former journalist Dan Rather, CNN and the rest of the media for jumping to conclusions, while putting the facts on the back burner.

“Here you have Dan Rather yesterday, Dan Rather who was basically fired from CBS News, who was famous for saying yeah, my documents I’m using against George W. Bush are fake but accurate. He even went so far as to blame President Trump for this. For saying that this is about poisoning minds,” Concha continued.

“You have a Congressman from Kentucky who is only the chairman of the House budget committee now who said ‘I am calling for a total and complete shutdown of teenagers wearing Make America Great hats again it until we can find out what’s going on. They seem to be poisoning minds.’ You had CNN who still has a tweet up saying video shows a crowd of teenagers wearing Make America Great Again hats, taunting a Native American elder after Friday’s indigenous people’s March. The tweet’s still up.”

Concha claimed the media never corrects their mistakes or apologizes after they’ve jumped the gun and said the boys are now being painted as racists for exercising their beliefs.

“Not only do they get it wrong, there’s never any apologies. There’s never any or contrition or corrections,” he said. “Let’s see them here because these kids who were there for a good reason are now being painted as racist as a result of wearing hats in a video that if you just took 10 minutes to watch you would see is completely the opposite of what the media is portraying.”

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