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With our current hectic, non-stop lifestyles where we are constantly surrounded by fluorescent bulbs and smartphone screens, it’s no wonder that sleep problems are on the rise. Don’t disregard sleep as just a mere triviality because it’s critical for so many human physiological processes. It’s time to start improving your sleep with the GO2SLEEP device.

Normally $130, this sleeping device is 47 percent off

Normally $130, this sleeping device is 47 percent off

GO2SLEEP: AI-Powered Device For Restful Sleep on sale for $69

Successfully funded on Indiegogo as a method of helping millions of people improve their quality of sleep, GO2SLEEP is revolutionizing the way we rest. The GO2SLEEP device slips on easily to your finger and works to gather accurate data while you’re asleep. All this critical information is recorded and transmitted to your smartphone.

Based off of all your sleep information, GO2SLEEP can help generate a powerful comprehensive sleep report that is specific to you. The GO2SLEEP device is able to record sleep stages, AHI, heart rate, body movements, and much more!

Tackle your sleep problems head-on with GO2SLEEP. This AI-powered device is your solution for a restful night of sleep. For a limited time, you can get GO2SLEEP for just $69 after the price drop. That’s 46% off the original price.

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