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Morning Mirror: Tom Brokaw Says His Tweet Portal is ‘Whack’

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Me, tight-lipped and sweaty, punching a pillow over and over again: WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN.” 

Naomi Fry, staff writer, The New Yorker.

Democratic pol says Tom Brokaw is ‘stunningly ignorant’ 

“@tombrokaw, for a celebrated journalist who spent years chronicling American society you seem stunningly ignorant of the Hispanic community in this country. Unfortunate to see xenophobia pass for elevated political commentary @MeetthePress.” —Texas Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro.

Some of what he said that enraged people: “I also happen to believe that the Hispanics should work harder at assimilation … Make sure that all their kids are learning to speak English.” Here’s the  heavy price he paid on Twitter.

Brokaw flails around on Twitter: ‘My tweet portal is whack’ 

“I feel terrible a part of my comments on Hispanics offended some members of that proud culture. From my days reporting on Cesar Chavez to documenting the many contributions of hispanics [sic] in all parts of our culture. I’ve worked hard to knock down false stereo types [sic]. in my final comment in Meet i said ALL sides hv [sic] to work harder at finding common ground — which i strongly believe dialogue not division.”

“My Twitter acct failed me at the worst time. i am sorry, truly sorry, my comments were offensive to many. the great enduring American tradition of diversity is to be celebrated and cherished.”

“Finally, I am sorry — I never intended to disparage any segment of our rich, diverse society which defines who we are. Finally, I am sorry I failed to convey my strong belief that diversity – dynamic and inclusive is what makes America.”

“My tweet portal is whack I hv been trying to say i am sorry i offended and i so appreciate my colleague.”

Joe & Mika get a dose of bad press 

Reports say that Joe and Mika Scarborough are filming “Morning Joe” from Jupiter, Florida, to get a tax break while using Capitol Hill and White House backdrops … “Mika just goes along for the ride,” a source said. OUCH. Here. So far, MSNBC PR is not talking. (RELATED: Did Joe And Mika Damage The Constitution With Their Nuptials?)

Reporter goes to Barnes & Noble, witnesses stupidity 

“Was in a Barnes & Noble yesterday buying the Thursday paper when the young clerk asked me while literally handing me my purchase: “Is the a good magazine?” Newspapers can’t be that foreign to millennials … can they?” — Marc Stein, NBA reporter, NYT.

Deep Thoughts With Brian Stelter

“Millions of people are being sold cheap lies about journalism today, and millions are being told the truth. The difference is stark and sad.” — CNN’s Brian Stelter, host of “UnReliable Sources.” Check out Stelter’s dorkiest moment ever. At least for now.

Ohio state senator is dismayed with Trump 

“There is something wrong with this man. There is something wrong with most of his men.” — Nina Turner, Ohio State senator, on CNN Friday afternoon.

BuzzFeed reporters cry, bid farewell 

“Got an email with the subject line ‘Karma sure is a bitch!’ from someone I only vaguely recall my falling out with. I’m not responding, but if I did I would say, ‘Congrats on nursing a grudge I can’t even remember.'”  — Louis Peitzman, formerly BuzzFeed. “Anyway, I have too much else to worry about to care about one person’s deranged attempt at revenge or whatever, but it’s always nice to remember that some people really, truly hate me!”

Kristin Chirico, video producer, BuzzFeed: “I have literally never cried at any job more than I have cried today and I didn’t think that was possible. …Just to be clear: we don’t know anything about our jobs, we are literally just sitting here waiting … I’m f*****g mad.”

Julia Reinstein, reporting/playing online/BuzzFeed: “Have barely stopped crying today. I love this newsroom with all my heart and seeing it decimated like this is horrifying.”

Ariane Lange, gender reporter, BuzzFeed News: “Getting laid off is like the bat mitzvah of journalism. Hello, world, today I am a woman. It’s been a grand very-nearly-six-years. I got hired as an intern in March 2013 even though in my interview AND in my pleading follow-up email I talked about my terrible roommate’s drain hair.”

John Stanton, formerly, BuzzFeed: “I’ve been laid off. I’m extraordinarily proud of the work I and my colleagues have done during my six-and-a-half years at BuzzFeed. It was an extraordinary group of reporters and editors to work with.”

Lindsay King-Miller, formerly, BuzzFeed: “Honestly going to set aside some time later to cry over the fact that I will never have the staff writing job I’ve wanted for eight years. Giving myself space to grieve that dream.”

Journo wonders what the f LGBT reporting is 

CNN’s Oliver Darcy A hard day at . Its national and health desks were cut. Its national security desk was disbanded. Its LGBT desk was left with only one staffer. And other slashes were made. In total, 43 people have been left without a job.

Raheem Kassam, formerly Breitbart News: “The fuck is an ‘LGBT desk’?”

Axios’ Jonathan Swan: “A former White House official texts me, unsolicited: ‘Trump looks pathetic…he just ceded his presidency to Nancy Pelosi.'”

National Press Club gives laid-off journos free booze 

“If you’re a journalist in DC who was laid off this week, the drinks (and [TACOS]) are on us tonight . We hope you’ll find some solidarity and maybe meet someone who can help you with whatever’s next. Email for details.” — National Press Club.

Eric Trump is proud of Trump’s D.C. hotel 

“Proud to announce that @TrumpDC has just been named one of the top four luxury hotels in the United States based on the millions of reviews and opinions collected by @TripAdvisor! Thank you to our team for your continued passion and for delivering exceptional guest experiences.” — Eric Trump.

Darla Shine orders everyone off Twitter 

“Okay it’s Happy Hour get off Twitter and go have fun, put politics aside, break bread together, laugh, get back to fighting in the morning.” — Darla Shine, wife of Bill Shine, White House deputy chief of staff.

Gossip Roundup 

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