Abortion Survivor Asks Virginia Democrats: ‘What About My Choice?’

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Abortion survivor Melissa Ohden implored pro-choice Democrats to consider her choice during an interview Thursday with The Daily Caller.

Ohden survived a saline infusion abortion in 1977 when she was at approximately 7 months gestation, despite fears that her health would be damaged by the attempt to end her life. She has thrived since then.

In response to Virginia Democratic Del. Kathy Tran and Virginia Gov. Northam promoting late-term abortions and even flirting with infanticide, Ohden speaks to the value of her own life and the life of every child. (RELATED: Gov. Northam: ‘I Don’t Have Any Regrets’ About Infanticide Comments)


Northam ignited the abortion debate this week by claiming that mothers and doctors should be able to have a “discussion” about what happens to children who are born with deformities or who are nonviable. Northam was defending a bill introduced by Del. Tran that would remove restrictions on late-term abortions.

Ohden has one question for people who think abortion should be a woman’s choice: “what about my choice?”

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