Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaidó Receives Jail Threats From Maduro


Caitlin McFall Video Journalist
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President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has subtly issued a threat of imprisonment to opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who is now recognized by the United States and leading nations in the EU as the interim president.

Maduro is being pressured to step aside since his term expired on January 10, 2019. But because of actions he took to remove power from the National Assembly and elect a new body of government known as the Constituent Assembly, he was re-elected president on May 20, 2018, in what many have referred to as a rigged election. (RELATED: US Probing Turkey Over Whether Trade With Venezuela Violates Maduro Sanctions)

In a meeting with his supporters Monday night, Maduro reportedly questioned how long Guaidó would continue with his “virtual term,” asking if Guaidó would keep up his efforts to strengthen the opposition for the next six years (while Maduro is president) “or until he ends up in jail by order of the supreme court of justice.”

Juan Guaidó declared himself president last month after years of crisis riddle Venezuela. Food and medicine shortages have caused massive and violent riots since Nicolas Maduro took the presidency, succeeding longtime President Hugo Chávez, who died in 2013.

Tune in to the see the chaos that has ensured and the international community that is now supporting the interim president.