Pierre McGuire Almost Gets Drilled By Puck During Lightning Vs. Blue Jackets Game

Pierre McGuire (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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NHL commentator Pierre McGuire had a scary incident Monday night during a game between the Lightning and Blue Jackets.

McGuire was broadcasting from right down on the ice by the Blue Jackets’ bench when a stray puck nearly took his head off.

While it’s hard to say just how close he came to getting hit, the video makes it appear like he was missed by only a couple inches.

Watch the wild video below.

My friends, that is simply terrifying, and there’s no other way to describe it. As somebody who has been hit by a puck while wearing pads, I can promise you that it hurts like hell. (RELATED: NHL Ref Takes Puck Straight To The Groin. The Video Will Twist Your Stomach)

I can’t imagine what taking one to the face without a helmet on would be like. I’m sure it would cause damage that might not be fixable.

Luckily, Pierre was able to narrowly avoid getting his head taken off. I’m sure he was still pretty shaken up. I hope he cracked a beer and counted his blessings after that miss because things could have taken a much different turn.

That’s for sure.