‘We All Ought To Be Thankful To President Trump’: Joe Lieberman Cheers Second Trump-Kim Summit

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman flipped the script on his old party, arguing that “we all ought to be thankful” that President Donald Trump has been successful in bringing North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un to the table.

Lieberman made the comments during a Sunday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends.”


Host Pete Hegseth began by asking Lieberman what he expected to come out of the second summit, set to take place this week in Hanoi, Vietnam.

“First I’m glad it’s happening and I think we all ought to be grateful to President Trump for bringing Chairman Kim to the table,” Lieberman began. (RELATED: ‘Dis Me. I’ve Been Around Awhile’: Joe Lieberman Is Not Impressed By Ocasio-Cortez)

But then Lieberman tied the U.S.-North Korea Summit and any potential deal to the Iran deal, noting that Trump was right to pull out of that.

Secondly, I think you’re not going to solve it all at these meetings in Hanoi but the Iran nuclear agreement — which President Trump correctly and courageously pulled America out of — is kind of a model for what should not be in the agreement with North Korea, and here is what I mean. The Iran agreement was just a pause. It wasn’t really a program to end the nuclear weapons development of Iran. Secondly, it didn’t deal with missiles. It dealt only with the nuclear weapons, and only for a while — and they got a lot of cash up front.

Host Griff Jenkins noted that some in the media have speculated that the president would enter into a deal with North Korea that is potentially bad for America. “Are you worried, if you will, as those in the media, that the president might agree to something just for political appearances?”

Lieberman was quick to shut that down as well. “No, I’m not worried about that,” he said. “I have confidence that he will not, and part of it is based on how strong the president has been against the Iran nuclear agreement, which was a bad deal, and therefore I don’t think he’s going to negotiate a bad deal with the North Koreans.”

He concluded with a word of caution, saying, “Don’t expect too much this week, but I hope it’s something significant that gets us on the road to a good deal, which will be good for the world and good for North Korea.”

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