Watch Preview For ‘I Am The Night’ Finale Episode ‘Queen’s Gambit, Accepted’

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The final episode of “I Am the Night” looks like it’s going to be awesome.

The TNT hit mini-series will wrap things up with the finale episode “Queen’s Gambit, Accepted” Monday night. In the short preview, Jay (Chris Pine) can be seen in police custody being tortured, Fauna (India Eisley) finally gets face-to-face with George Hodel and, later in the clip, Jay can be seen packing heat during a chaotic moment. (RELATED: ‘I Am The Night’ Is Chilling In New Episode ‘Aloha’)

It looks like everything is going to absolutely explode in the final episode. Check out the preview below:

I am so excited to see how this all goes down Monday night. The story of Fauna Hodel and Jay hooked me from pretty much the first moment I saw the show.

Yes, “I Am the Night” started a bit slow, but it didn’t take long at all for things to quickly pick up. Now, they’re running all over the place trying to uncover proof that George Hodel didn’t just kill the Black Dahlia; he’s been on a murderous rampage.


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Make sure to tune in Monday night on TNT to catch the conclusion of the epic mini-series. I have a feeling it’ll be intense as all hell.

You know that I’ll be watching, and have my thoughts on the series to you as quickly as I can once it’s officially in the books.