‘Sellout’ — Resistance Twitter Rips Van Jones For CPAC Appearance

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The fact that CNN commentator Van Jones appeared at CPAC and even extended some credit to President Donald Trump and Republicans for their accomplishments on the issue of criminal justice reform was just too much for #Resistance Twitter.

Vox journalist Aaron Rupar sparked the social media criticism by posting several clips of Jones’ appearance with CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp discussing the issue, with The Daily Caller’s Saagar Enjeti moderating.

Then, Rupar gave Jones a face-palm for saying that left and right “need each other.”

While the vocally liberal Jones seemed to get a warm welcome among the conservative CPAC attendees, his attendance and willingness to give credit to conservatives and work with them on key issues apparently didn’t sit well with members of his own ideology. Many critics either responded to Rupar or posted their own negative analysis.

Political Advocacy Group Bros4America called Jones a “sellout.”

“Honestly, what the hell is Van Jones endgame here? This is completely embarrassing and laughable on its face,” wrote liberal journalist Erick Fernandez. (RELATED: CNN’s Van Jones Praises Trump’s Prison Reform Plans, Takes Jab At Obama)

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