Michelle Malkin Blows Up Liberal Twitter With One Line From CPAC Speech, Critics Leave Out Context

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Conservative activist Michelle Malkin sparked a social media backlash when she said “diversity is not our strength” at the end of her speech at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“I have been called white for stating facts. I’m not white, I’m just right,” Malkin said at one point, referring to criticism she has received from the left about her stance on immigration. Then, at the end, she said: “Diversity is not our strength, and I know those words are a ‘trigger.’ Diversity is not our strength, unity is. Our common purpose is the common defense of our nation. Good people make America great. Good people stand up and fight.”

Twitter critics latched onto Malkin’s “diversity” comment while leaving her “unity” statement entirely out of the picture.

Some pointed out the fact that leaving off the words “unity is” entirely misrepresented her intent. (RELATED: ‘Melting Pot Or Civil War?’ — Tucker And NR Editor Reihan Salam Discuss Updated Illegal Immigrant Numbers)

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