Kevin McCarthy Calls Adam Schiff ‘A Modern-Day Joe McCarthy’

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff “a modern-day Joe McCarthy” during a Monday night appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity.”


“There are a lot of questions,” McCarthy told Sean Hannity, responding to the Fox News host’s assertion that Schiff has “met his own standard” when it comes to recusing himself from the investigation into President Donald Trump and Russia. “Schiff actually laid out a couple years ago that anybody that shows a conflict of interest or disbelief in it has to recuse themselves.”

The GOP congressman then laid out a few questions for Schiff regarding the California Democrat’s private conversations with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson as well as former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

“Did staff meet with [Cohen]?” McCarthy asked. “Did he tamper with the witness? Did he try to direct the witness. How many times did they meet? What did they talk about?” (RELATED: Fusion GPS-Linked Group Worked With Tech Company Tied To Russian ‘False Flag’ Operation)

McCarthy contended that, since Cohen himself denies he met with the Russians in Prague, “the foundation for why we are even in the investigation in the first place has been thrown apart.”

“Before this investigation even began, he said he had proof and evidence,” McCarthy said. “Now I’m not related to Joe McCarthy, but Adam Schiff is a modern-day Joe McCarthy, somebody who claims something and never has delivered. But the one thing he has delivered on: protecting Fusion GPS …”

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