NFL Executive Reportedly Thinks Johnny Manziel Will Sign With The Raiders

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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One NFL executive seems to think Johnny Manziel is headed to the Oakland Raiders.

Johnny Football was recently tossed out of the CFL, and everybody has been waiting on his next move. Well, it might involve a return to the NFL instead of signing in the AAF or XFL.

“Gruden’s relationship with Manziel and affinity for the quarterback made one exec sure the Raiders would be the team to sign him. Manziel’s recent CFL demise was the genesis for that discussion,” ESPN’s Mike Sando wrote Monday about Manziel potentially going to the Raiders based off a conversation with an unnamed NFL executive, according to NESN(RELATED: Johnny Manziel Was Reportedly Banned From The CFL For Missing Meetings)


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Okay, I understand on the surface that this sounds insane. I totally get it, but let’s actually dive in here.

Let’s connect the dots based off of what we know. Manziel apparently got himself thrown out of the CFL, and he hasn’t signed with the CFL since. Strange, no?

If he wanted to be in the AAF, then he’d be in the AAF right now. There’s no doubt at all about that.

Yet, he’s not. He’s pretty much underground. You know what begins March 13? NFL free agency.


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If this executive is correct, then it makes perfect sense for Manziel to have got himself tossed from the CFL so that he’d be available March 13.

Again, you might think that’s crazy, but explain why he hasn’t signed in the AAF yet. Something doesn’t add up, and this Raiders speculation could be the missing piece. We also know the organization is going to look at other options at quarterback. It’s almost like this makes too much sense when you think about it.

Prepare for the world to melt down if Gruden and Manziel team up. That would be epic.

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