Bernie: Senate ‘Starves Little Children, Bombs Buses Of Children’

Phillip Stucky | Contributor

Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders asserted that the U.S. Senate starves little children and bombs buses full of kids in an official campaign video released Friday.

The video was created with actress Sarah Silverman, and it starts with the senator saying that no one is allowed to use “bad words” in the Senate chamber. After Silverman acts shocked that she can’t use bad words in the Senate, Bernie follows up.

“No, no, this is the U.S. Senate — we just starve little children, we go bomb houses and buses of children, and we give tax breaks to billionaires, but we don’t use dirty words!” Sanders chided.

Surprisingly, this is a video put out by Bernie’s campaign committee, People for Bernie. The group also sent a tweet afterward that attempted to fundraise off the video, saying “put $2.70 in the swear jar.” (RELATED: Bernie Locks Up The Socialist Vote Before The Primary Even Starts)

Sanders recently announced he would run for president as a Democrat in the 2020 election. He held multiple rallies in New York and Iowa to kick off his race.

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