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Calling All Male Editors: Maya Kosoff Wants You To Hire Her, But Please, No D**k Talk

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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In honor of International Women’s Day, a female journalist is calling on male editors to do the “ultimate” act toward respecting women: HIRE HER.

This would be Maya Kosoff, a former writer at Vanity Fair who almost went to work for Gawker 2.0. Back in January, things totally crashed and burned when she learned that editorial director Carson Griffith had too much of a dirty mind for their taste — you name it, race, penis size, poor people. She and fellow new hire Anna Breslaw were the site’s only two hires. They both walked.

In a letter to her would-be superiors, Kosoff and Breslaw wrote: “We’re disappointed it ended this way, but we can’t continue to work under someone who is antithetical to our sensibility and journalistic ethics, or for an employer who refuses to listen to the women who work for him when it’s inconvenient.”

That “employer” was CEO Bryan Goldberg.

Now, Kosoff wants a job in a new harassment-free workplace.

She goes on to say it’s ok for a man to send her money, even if he can’t actually hire her. So what would he be paying her for exactly? Maybe she is considering it charity. As MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski might advise, “KNOW YOUR WORTH!”

“[A]nd if you’re a man reading this tweet who can’t hire me but would like to help, well, my Venmo is the same as my twitter handle!” she wrote.

But please forgive her for being so, well, forward, and for “having” to write this in the first place.

She wrote, “Also PLEASE know that having to write a self-promotional and earnest thread like this makes me cringe SO much harder than it could possibly make you cringe to read it. thanks!!!”