Drunk Woman Gets Arrested With Cat-Filled Suitcase

(Photo Credit: Shutterstock Serg64)

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Stafford County Police arrested 43-year-old Shanna Holwager for public intoxication Friday in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Somebody called the police after seeing Holwager outside Mr. B’s Market and Grill, according to NBC4. The officer who responded to the call says he immediately smelled alcohol on Holwager, and the sheriff’s office said Holwager had glassy eyes, slurred speech and couldn’t walk. (RELATED: Drunk Russian Sails Cargo Ship To South Korea, Crashes It Into A Bridge)

Holwager was in possession of a suitcase at the time, zipped inside of which were two cats.

Holwager claimed she was trying to get the two cats to a shelter. She was taken into custody for public intoxication and the cats were given to Stafford County Animal Control.

What an interesting lady. The cats were doubtless hard to handle and I imagine she didn’t just have a leash at her disposal. Still, zipping cats inside a suitcase seems very out of the ordinary.

I’m left with a couple of questions after reading this news. Where did she find these cats? Did they belong to her? Where did she come from? Does she have a home?

Apparently she was back in police custody the next night because she was spotted drunk in the middle of the street by the same officer that arrested her while she had the cats.

Well, I hope the cats find a good home.