University Of Cambridge Rescinds Jordan Peterson Invitation After Backlash

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William Davis Contributor
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The University of Cambridge is rescinding a visiting fellowship from Canadian professor Jordan Peterson after backlash from some students and faculty.

Peterson was supposed to start a visiting fellowship at the University of Cambridge divinity school in October, but the historic English university threw cold water on that idea Wednesday. Peterson told The Daily Caller that he found out through social media, and ripped the university for “cheap, political posturing.” (RELATED: Jordan Peterson Calls Critics ‘Totalitarian Wannabes’ Ahead Of College Speech)

“It’s incomprehensible to me,” Peterson said. “I think it’s despicable.”

Peterson, who came to fame in 2017 for his biblical lecture series on YouTube, said he believed the fellowship would have been mutually beneficial. (RELATED: Jordan Peterson Sues Canadian University For $1.5 Million)

“I thought collaboration would be in our mutual interest,” Peterson said. “Divinity schools are trying desperately hard in the modern world to retain their credibility, authority, and voice, and I don’t think there is a phenomena comparable to what happened when I released my lectures on Genesis.”

Peterson also says that he wishes his critics would spend time listening to him instead of succumbing to their anger.

“I think if the people that are inspired toward enmity by me spend more time reading what I’m saying and less time parroting the same lies, they’d find they have far less reason to oppose my existence,” he said.

A staunch opponent of political correctness, Peterson’s campus appearances have frequently been the subject of protests.

Peterson’s full statement can be read here.

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