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Cenk Uygur And Glenn Greenwald Go At It Like Angry Wolves


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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There’s no sugar coating here: The Young Turks‘ leader Cenk Uygur and The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald went at it on Sunday over Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s report and things got emotional.

Greenwald was in major ‘I told you so’ mood. Uygur was like a dead bug floundering in water.

Greenwald alerted the public to Uygur’s conspiracy theory.

“Turning on Mueller and impugning his integrity and competence is the inevitable outcome – it’s the only play the Trump/Russia devotees have – and here’s the start,” he wrote, pointing to Uygur’s utterance.

Hilariously, a random Olympia, Mark López, who represented the U.S. in taekwando in 2008, tried to reason with Uygar, in the most un-Zen manner I can think of, saying, “You gotta know when to fold ’em bro.”

Then came Uygur crying like a baby over Greenwald’s assertion.

“Glenn, that’s totally unfair,’ he whined. “I don’t know what corporate Democrats are going to do. But I’m frustrated at the scope of the investigation, I don’t question Mueller’s integrity or competence one bit. It was the Democrats that wrongly focused only on the election.”

Annoyingly Greenwald then sort of apologized, which is irritating when you’re trying to enjoy a good (translate: bad) Twitter bloodbath.

“It certainly sounded like you were attacking Mueller & his report for failing to look at the things he should have investigated,” he replied. “Isn’t that your critique? I apologize if I misunderstood your intent, but having just re-read your tweet, it still sounds like an attack on Mueller.”

Of course Uygur was attacking Mueller. But let’s continue.

Uygur explained, “No, my point is that if someone didn’t look into Trump’s money laundering that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. If I was Mueller, I would’ve looked into his business ties with Russians but he didn’t think that was his remit. I blame Dems for putting all their eggs in this basket.”

Uygur has a big mouth so of course he wasn’t done. (RELATED: Cenk’s Mouthiness Gets Him Thrown Off Flight) 

“I’m sure you and I still completely disagree on @realDonaldTrump ties to Russia. I’m as certain today as I have ever been that he had illegal ties to the Russians and did them favors as president. But I didn’t say it was connected to the election.”