Olivia Jade Isn’t Speaking To Her Parents After The College Admissions Scam

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Lori Loughlin’s daughter, Olivia Jade, has been giving her parents the silent treatment after it was revealed that they were involved in the recent nationwide college admissions scandal.

The social media influencer has allegedly been crashing at her boyfriend’s house in Malibu to stay out of the spotlight, according to a US Weekly report published Thursday.

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“Olivia has been staying with her boyfriend in Malibu. She’s not talking to her parents right now,” a source told the gossip magazine. “Olivia hasn’t been hanging out with friends. She is completely in hiding right now.”

She hasn’t been off social media though. “Olivia has been posting private stories on her Instagram, using the close-friends-only option, to share her days on social media with her close circle,” another source told US Weekly. (RELATED: Olivia Jade’s Trademark Applications Were Allegedly Returned Due To Punctuation Errors)

Her friends are on her parents side, encouraging Olivia to reach out to them. “A lot of Olivia’s friends have been telling her not to be mad at her parents since they were just trying to do the best they could for her, but she doesn’t listen,” sources said.

Her parents paid $500,000 to get her and her sister into a top school as a fake rowing recruit, and she won’t talk to them? That’s insane. She wouldn’t have even had the opportunity to go without her parents.

She should at least be thankful that they risked becoming criminals because they wanted her to go to a good college.