Tony Bennett Discusses Making The Final Four, Talks About The Things That Really Matter

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Virginia basketball coach Tony Bennett had some touching comments after making the Final Four.

The Cavaliers beat Purdue Saturday in a game for the ages. It was one of those games that you just never want to see come to an end. It was back-and-forth, high-octane, nonstop action. When the clock hit zero, Virginia and their coach were headed to the Final Four. (RELATED: The March Madness Bracket Has Been Released)

Bennett told the media the following late Saturday night when discussing his massive accomplishment:

I remember 19 years ago, I was sitting in the back of a press conference. My father took his team to the Final Four. They beat Purdue. He said a quote I never forgot. It stuck with me for that long. They asked him, ‘Is this one of the greatest feelings that you’ve ever had, getting to the Final Four?’ He said this, ‘From a feeling state, euphoria, yes, it is. But it doesn’t compare with faith, with kids, family, grandkids.’ He said, ‘Because I know what truly matters, it enables me to enjoy what seems to matter like this.’ I’ve remembered that quote and tried my best to live by it.

You can watch his full comments below.

This is why Bennett is such a cool guy. He pulled off an accomplishment that most coaches will never achieve, and he is still keeping everything in perspective.

If I had a son, the UVA legend is the exact kind of many that I’d want coaching him. He recognizes the significance of the sport, but he’s also very open about things in life being more important.


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Last year, Virginia suffered a humiliating loss to UMBC and became the first one seed to ever lose in the first round.

Now, they’re 80 minutes away from a national championship. You just love to see a guy like Bennet succeed. He’s so easy to cheer for, and I know a lot of people back in Wisconsin (where Bennett is from) feel the exact same way.


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I can’t wait to see what Bennett and his guys do in the Final Four against Auburn. I have a feeling a lot of people will be cheering for the Cavaliers, and I might be right there with them.

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