Brett Favre Says Aaron Rodgers Is The ‘Best Player’ In The NFL, Packers Should Have Won More

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Brett Favre thinks Aaron Rodgers is a star, but the Packers haven’t done enough winning.

Following the massive article from Bleacher Report about Rodgers and his relationship with many in the Packers organization, Favre spoke with TMZ about how his thoughts on the circumstances.

If there’s one man who knows Green Bay, it’s Favre. The NFL legend said his replacement is the “best player” in the game, but the squad has underperformed. (RELATED: Aaron Rodgers Responds To Critical Bleacher Report Article As ‘A Smear Attack’)

“They really should have won more. For whatever reason, they didn’t. They were that good, and had the best player in the game. I just felt like they should have won more,” Favre told TMZ in a video posted Thursday.

I would love to be a fly on the wall for an honest conversation between Rodgers and Favre. I would pay just about anything to hear them talk.

Rodgers seems to really not love Favre, but the dislike doesn’t appear to be mutual. Having said that, I don’t fault the hall-of-famer for pointing out the Packers should have won more.

They should have won a lot more. If we’re to believe Rodgers is the best player in the league (I don’t), then why does he only have one Super Bowl? (RELATED: Mike McCarthy Encouraged Aaron Rodgers To Call His Mother)

Last time I checked, Tom Brady has six rings and he’s not constantly embroiled in drama. He’s universally loved by his teammates. Can we say the same about Rodgers? No, we most certainly can’t.

Rodgers needs to win some more rings before he can be a part of the conversation for best-ever. He also needs to stop being surrounded by so much negativity.

It’s not difficult at all. I can promise you that the Packers would be much better off if the drama went away. They could focus on winning instead of on whether or not Rodgers is the most difficult man on the planet to deal with.

Of course, that’s almost certainly not going to happen, and I’m here to watch the chaos continue.