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Dems Struggle To Change The Conversation, So They Change The Meaning Of Barr’s Words

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democrats appear to be going all-in on a new strategy: changing the meanings of certain words when they don’t like the direction the conversation is moving.

Fox News analyst and author Dr. Gina Loudon raised the issue amid the furor over Attorney General William Barr’s claim that “spying did occur” on the 2016 Trump campaign and its members.

  • Anderson Cooper called the use of such terminology “loaded.”
  • Chris Cuomo appeared to acknowledge that surveillance had occurred but said that calling it “spying” was a “defamatory way to refer to surveillance.”
  • Don Lemon called the claim that Trump was spied on “outrageous.”
  • Jeffrey Toobin argued that the “paranoid lunacy of the right wing” had taken over the Justice Department.