4 People Shot, 1 Fatality Near Nipsey Hussle Funeral Procession

(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

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A drive-by shooting turned fatal near the Nipsey Hussle funeral procession Thursday evening in South Los Angeles.

One person was shot and killed while three others were wounded in an unconnected shooting three blocks from the rapper’s procession, according to KTLA5. Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore reported the shooting on Twitter.

“Victims are [three] Male Blacks and [one] Female Black — ages from 30-50 years old,” Moore shared. “Tragically, one is deceased. … We must stop this senseless violence,” Moore added. (RELATED: Nipsey Hussle Memorial Results In Injuries As Mourners Start A Stampede)

The Hussle procession began with a ceremony at the Staples Center, where 21,000 people were in attendance to honor the gang-member-turned community activist. This drive-by shooting comes after two people were shot during a vigil outside of Hussle’s Marathon clothing store.

As previously reported, the cause of the stampede was originally unclear, but LAPD has since confirmed the sounds heard during the vigil as gunfire, according to TMZ. A search warrant shows two people were shot, one in the elbow and one in the buttocks.

The sounds triggered a stampede and 19 people were injured. Although the search warrant confirms that people were shot, police said there was no evidence of gunshots after the vigil dispersed.

Hussle was shot and killed outside of his clothing store on March 31.