March For Our Lives Co-Founder Calls BS On HuffPost: ‘Shameful And Pathetic Messaging’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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March For Our Lives co-founder Cameron Kasky took direct aim at HuffPost Thursday over an article suggesting that criticisms of Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie were racially motivated.

“And on this week’s episode of ‘if a person of color is bad at their job and people call them out on it, they are racist,’ we have this article that implies that calling out the corrupt Superintendent Robert Runcie is a racial attack,” Kasky tweeted. “Shameful and pathetic messaging.” (RELATED: Jacksonville Shooting Survivor Teams Up With Cameron Kasky To Host Fundraising Event For Gamers Killed In Shooting)

HuffPost published the article titled, “A Search For Answers/A Search For Blame” on Tuesday.

HuffPost’s article painted Runcie as an activist for good, utilizing the PROMISE program to stop the school-to-prison pipeline’s unequal impact on minority students. The article also argued that Runcie’s critics — mainly in conservative media — were predisposed to believe that black students were more likely to disrupt class and therefore saw relaxed discipline as a way to give them a pass.

What it did not address was the fact that the PROMISE program and the unwillingness to enact harsher discipline for first-time infractions may have prevented authorities from taking proactive steps to get ahead of the threat eventually posed by admitted shooter Nikolas Cruz.

The article also took aim at NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch — specifically for her criticism of the failures of both Runcie and local law enforcement officials — and criticized grieving father Andrew Pollack for taking his own activism to Fox News.

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