Kyler Murray’s Draft Outfit Was Inspired By ‘The Great Gatsby’ Film. Is This A Bad Sign?

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Arizona Cardinals fans might want to be worried about Kyler Murray’s inspiration for his Thursday night NFL draft outfit.

The inspiration behind the QB’s pink suit was “The Great Gatsby” film with Leonardo DiCaprio. You can see his suit closely resembles that of DiCaprio’s when he played the legendary character of Jay Gatsby from the classic book.

Seriously, what the hell? Gatsby? Did Murray, who was taken first overall, never see the ending of the film or read the book? Gatsby catches himself a bullet while in his pool. (RELATED: Arizona Cardinals Select Kyler Murray First Overall In The NFL Draft)

It’s just like people who have Gatsby-themed weddings. It makes no sense. I wonder if they ever made it to the end of the story.

There is no happy ending with this one!

If you’re a fan of the Cardinals, this move has to be a massive red flag. Anything tied to Gatsby is the last thing I’d want associated with my football team.

I’m not saying it’s a bad story. I love the story of Jay Gatsby. It’s an American classic, but tragedies like that have no place in football.

They just don’t. Save that stuff for the theater, your home and debate with friends. Don’t bring that kind of darkness into the NFL.

I was very high on Murray, but this is a move I simply can’t endorse. Can’t do it! If he thinks he’s Jay Gatsby, then he’s going to be the death of the franchise.

Sure, there might be some high-flying times along the way, but tragedy is bound to be at the end of the line. Be cautious, Cardinals fans. Be very cautious.