Israeli Veteran Shreds Media Narrative That Trump Is Anti-Semitic

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Israeli Defense Forces veteran Orin Julie, the “Queen of Guns,” defended President Donald Trump against media and Democratic charges of anti-Semitism, in a Daily Caller video released Thursday.


“Every day I see in the American media that Israel is evil, that Donald Trump is evil,” Julie said before inviting the audience to her home country to “see [for] yourself what we are going through.”

The IDF vet pointed out the irony of a media that doesn’t “love Israel” accusing the president, whom they also loathe, of being anti-Semitic.

The video included footage of Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff using the “good people on both sides” lie to undermine the president’s ability to speak on the subject. (RELATED: FLASHBACK: The Obama Administration Called Netanyahu A ‘Chickensh*t)

“His daughter is Jewish,” Julie said. “He son-in-law is Jewish. He moved the embassy to Jerusalem.”

“The reality is, Barack Obama didn’t love [Israel]. But Donald Trump? He supports us.”