‘Yellowstone’ Returns With Season 2 In 47 Days On The Paramount Network

Yellowstone (Credit: Paramount Network)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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We’re a little more than a month and a half away from “Yellowstone” Season 2 coming out.

On this beautiful day, I found myself actually counting down the days until the Kevin Costner show returns with new episodes on the Paramount Network, and we’re 47 days out.

Only 47 days! June 19 is going to be here before we know it, and I’m excited like a freedom loving American in a gun store. (RELATED: ‘Yellowstone‘ Season 2 Trailer Gets Released, Promises Lots Of Intense Action)

There is a war on the horizon with the Dutton family, and there is going to be blood everywhere. It’s going to be biblical.

Bring on the carnage. Bring on the violence. Bring on the blood. Feed me every second of the action. I want Kayce out there killing people, I want John reminding people who runs his valley and I want the whole Dutton crew to lay waste to their enemies.

I honestly have no idea what will happen in Season 2. I really don’t. I have no inside information for any of you, but I have some predictions.

One, I think Jamie is going to kill Sarah after spilling all his dad’s secrets. That was insanely stupid, and somebody is going to shut her up. My guess is it’s Jamie’s way of getting back into the family.


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Secondly, I think there’s a strong chance we lose a main character from the good column. That gives us the options of Rip, Jimmy, John, Kayce, Beth and maybe Jamie if we’re putting him in that column.

There’s also the chance Tate or Monica get knocked off. If that happens, prepare for all hell to break loose. That’d be so incredibly heartbreaking.

We can’t lose Monica. We just can’t.


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We’re 47 days out, and I’m ticking off every single day on the calendar! Can’t wait!

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