Oliver Luck Says Tim Tebow Has No Interest In The XFL

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Don’t expect to see Tim Tebow on an XFL field in 2020.

Tebow, who currently plays in the Mets organization, has been talked about as a potential option for Vince McMahon’s league, but commissioner Oliver Luck’s best efforts to get him haven’t worked.

Sports Illustrated recently wrote the following about Tebow and the XFL Monday:

The odds of the XFL landing the NFL’s more prominent castoffs, though, seem slight. Luck ran into Tim Tebow at the Clemson-Alabama national title game in January and says he informally gauged the 31-year-old’s interest in getting under center again, but Tebow reaffirmed his commitment to baseball.

Well, there you have it, folks. It just the latest sign the Florida Heisman winner won’t be running out onto a football field anytime soon. (RELATED: XFL Reaches TV Deal With Fox And ESPN)

Obviously, the NFL is off the table. He is never going back to the highest level football after short stints with the Broncos and Jets.

That leaves only the XFL as an option, and the lefty gunslinger doesn’t sound interested in that either.


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With Tebow off the table, it really is Manziel or bust when it comes to star power for the league. The Gators legend would have been great for Luck and McMahon, but that ship has clearly left port.

So, they have to go all in on Manziel. The XFL just doesn’t have a choice. They need massive star power, and they should do whatever it takes to get Manziel in a uniform. I’m telling you that much for sure.


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The more I hear about the XFL the more excited I get. It’s going to be awesome, and we all want a great spring football league.

Let’s hope it’s lightyears more successful than the AAF. That circus is a distant memory, and now it’s time for the XFL to show up and show out.

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