Mike Leach Discusses QB Gardner Minshew, Asks If Scouts Actually Watched His Film

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Mike Leach doesn’t sound like a man with a ton of patience for NFL scouts.

The legendary Washington State coach apparently got several calls before the draft about star quarterback Gardner Minshew, and he wasn’t impressed with the questions scouts asked.

Leach said the following during a recent appearance on the NFL Network when discussing getting contacted by scouts:

The funny thing is, people would call me about him and they, you know, ‘How’s his arm?’ Well, his arm is good. ‘Is he accurate?’ And I mean, I’m wondering if they’re real scouts when they start asking me if he’s accurate. And then, you know, how strong is his arm, and again, it’s running through my mind, you know, did you really watch any film?

You can watch a video of his full comments below.

This is just another example of why Leach is such a cool dude. Most coaches are never this blunt. They don’t want to step on the toes of NFL teams. Clearly, that’s not an issue for the Washington State coach.

He’s out here blasting them as idiots to the whole world, and I love it. Leach is a legend in the world of college football, and it’s not because he holds back. (RELATED: Legendary College Football Coach Has Amazing Rant About Recruit Rankings)

It’s because he’s maybe the most honest and blunt man in all of sports. Let’s never forget his infamous wedding rant or his thoughts on fat little girlfriends.

If damn well better have your notes up to date and correct if you plan on calling Leach with questions about his quarterback.

Don’t come at him with half-baked questions. That’s just not going to fly. He’s going to air you out to the whole nation, and it’s why we love him so much.

I really hope he wins a national championship someday or at the very least finds himself at a top 10 program. Washington State might be a Power Five team, but it’s far from the platform her deserves.

We should get some more incredible soundbites from him during the 2019 season, and I can’t wait.

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