Watch Vladimir Putin Slip After Hockey Game

(Photo by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)

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Russian leader Vladimir Putin took a tumble after a hockey game in Russia on Thursday night.

Putin is a huge hockey fan and plays in an exhibition game every year. Putin scored eight goals during the game but had more trouble after the game when he slipped on a carpet in the middle of the rink.(RELATED: Putin Gears Up For Sochi By Playing Terrible Hockey [Video])

As you can see, Putin’s teammate tried to save him from sliding onto the carpet, but to no avail. (RELATED: Female Pro Hockey Players Announce They Won’t Play In North America)

For somebody with as much experience skating as Putin, it seems odd that he would think he could skate on carpet. Perhaps he was focused on waving to the crowd and wasn’t paying attention to where he was going.

Regardless, the viral video of Putin slipping on carpet will be replayed a lot in the near future.

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