Baker Mayfield Says Colin Cowherd Needs To Be ‘Put In His Place’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield continued his feud with Colin Cowherd, and he’s sounding as dumb as ever.

Mayfield told Complex Sports the following in part about the Fox Sports pundit:

You know, there’s people like that who are really abusing their position. Abusing a platform to a point where people are going to listen to it. He’s supposed to bring out facts and he chooses to put out irrational opinions. People can say what they want, they can say I’m not really supposed to comment on this but a liar is a liar and a guy that is really just full of it needs to be put in his place.

Cowherd had a classy response Wednesday, and pretty much just pointed out Mayfield’s comments just prove any criticism of him is correct.

You can watch it below:

How long is this dumb feud going to go on for? As I’ve said many times before, I really want to like Mayfield. I do. There are a lot of positives there to cheer for, but he just can’t help himself from opening up his mouth.

The man is supposed to be the face of an NFL franchise, and he’s wasting his time arguing with Colin Cowherd. Do you see any Super Bowl champion getting into dumb squabbles like he does? Absolutely not.


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Mayfield should focus on winning a playoff game instead of arguing with sports pundits. When he raises up the Lombardi Trophy, then I’ll give a damn what his opinions are. (RELATED: Baker Mayfield Discusses Odell Beckham Jr’s Offseason Schedule. Do His Comments Surprise You?)

Until then, he’s wasting time. How many reps could he have gotten in with the time he wasted talking to Complex?


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He’s got an attitude that involves a lot of fire, but Mayfield just can’t seem to stay focused. The Browns didn’t even make the playoffs last season!

Do something noteworthy before running your mouth constantly. It’s really not hard to figure out.

If Mayfield wants to be a champion, then he should shut his mouth and get to work. Getting into petty arguments should be the last thing he’s focused on.

Unfortunately, I know that won’t be the case, and we’ll be back here in a little while talking about how he still hasn’t matured yet. What a damn shame.

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