VOTE: How Should Eric Swalwell Solve The Gun Debate?

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Lexi Lonas Contributor
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Out of all the Democratic presidential nominees, no one has been as serious to solve the gun debate as California Rep. Eric Swalwell.

Swalwell has such a comprehensive gun control plan, he can fit it on any 280-character tweet. The candidate has offered real and effective solutions, unlike all the other Democratic candidates. Swalwell has laid out his plans on Twitter to nuke America and ignore women he disagrees with to fix our gun crisis. It is no wonder with effective plans like that he has been polling at 0%.

The California rep. — as a white, heterosexual man — will never be able to truly understand how the gun issue affects everyday Americans. He addresses this in a video on Twitter, vowing to have a female vice president because there are “gaps in his experience.” Gaps such as recognizing that guns are used for defense at least 300,000 times a year.

Ignoring the facts, Swalwell has great plans to solve the gun debate. The question is, what is his best plan to solve the gun debate? Vote below!