UK’s ‘Chief Mouser,’ Larry, Takes A Cat Nap Under Trump’s Presidential Limo


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Larry the Cat, the official feline of the UK prime minister’s office, flexed his political power Tuesday by curling up under the back wheel of President Donald Trump’s limousine.

Larry, whose official title is the “Chief Mouser,” lives at 10 Downing Street and has brought levity to a number of key political moments, such as PM Theresa May’s recent resignation announcement. (RELATED: British PM Theresa May Resigns After Bungling Brexit)

He continued that tradition Tuesday, cleaning himself on the windowsill and eventually strolling down the red carpet laid out for Trump’s arrival to a meeting and press conference with May.


Larry continued to flaunt his indifference to being surrounded by world leaders and journalists, and at one point ended up underneath the presidential limo. A photograph shows Larry snuggled up under the back wheel of “The Beast,” allegedly causing a brief security issue for the Secret Service.

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