Bench-Clearing Brawl Breaks Out After Bunt Breaks Up No-Hitter

Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshot/Paul Ross/

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Benches cleared in a minor league baseball game Tuesday night between the Hartford Yard Goats — the Colorado Rockies’ Double A affiliate — and the Trenton Thunder — the New York Yankees’ double league affiliate.

Yard Goats’ pitcher Ben Bowden entered the game looking to finish off a team no-hitter. Then, Thunder batter Matt Lipka laid down a bunt that ended the bid. (RELATED: This MLB Pitcher Almost Died Last Year. Here’s How His First Trip Back To The Mound Turned Out)

In the game of baseball, few accomplishments are as revered as a no-hitter. For a pitcher to lose that opportunity due to a bunt has to be deeply upsetting. Clearly, the entire Thunder squad agreed, and a benches-clearing brawl subsequently broke out. (RELATED: Bryce Harper Throws Temper Tantrum, Gets Ejected In Loss To Mets)

I understand being bitter over losing the no-hitter, but this brawl was a little over the top. The score was only  3-0 at that point, so a bunt made sense from a game strategy.

In this circumstance, a bunt should not have provoked a brawl.

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