POLL: Women Prefer Socialism Over Capitalism

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Lexi Lonas Contributor
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A new poll shows rising popularity in socialism with 55% of women between the ages of 18 and 54 saying they would prefer to live in a socialist country over a capitalist country.

This preference for socialism over capitalism is shared by 4 in 10 Americans, according to the Harris poll for “Axios on HBO.”

However, a majority of men disagree and responded they would rather live in a capitalist society over a socialist one.

There was disagreement among the respondents on what they considered to be socialist policies:

  1. Universal healthcare: 76%
  2. Tuition-free education: 72%
  3. Living wage: 68%
  4. State-controlled economy: 66%
  5. State control and regulation of private property: 61%
  6. High taxes for the rich: 60%
  7. State-controlled media and communication: 57%
  8. Strong environmental regulations: 56%
  9. High public spending: 55%
  10. Government “democratizes” private businesses — that is, gives workers control over them — to the greatest extent possible: 52%
  11. System dependent on dictatorship: 49%
  12. Workers own and control their places of employment: 48%
  13. Democratically-elected government: 46%

“We’ve seen this pattern of behavior where women are turning out in higher numbers as voters and as candidates than we’ve ever seen. They’re getting elected in higher numbers than before. They’re pushing the conversation in different ways, “Axios’ Alexi McCammond commented on “Axios on HBO.”

McCammond continued, “They’re looking for someone, a candidate on either side, who’ll support this idea of a socialist country that they want to live in.” (RELATED: 70% Of Democrats Say Socialism Would Be Good For America: Survey)

Socialism has been gaining traction since the 2016 election within the Democratic party. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the independent Vermont Senator, has described himself as a Democratic Socialist and is set to give a speech on Wednesday defending the ideology.

The Democratic party has fresh faces promoting socialist policies as well. Freshman Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has also declared herself a Democratic Socialist, touting out legislation such as the Green New Deal which incorporates free healthcare and college.

This poll could help many of the Democratic candidates who are campaigning with socialist policies for 2020. Proposals such as universal basic income, free healthcare and free college have become common stances for Democratic candidates during their campaigns.