REPORT: Dallas Cowboys Could Pay Dak Prescott $30 Million A Season

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Dallas Cowboys might be ready to pay Dak Prescott an absurd amount of money.

Ian Rapoport reported in a Thursday night video from the NFL Network that “it wouldn’t be a surprise” if the young quarterback got $30 million annually. (RELATED: Russell Wilson Agrees To $140 Million Extension With The Seahawks, Gets $65 Million Signing Bonus)

Watch his full comments below.

As I’ve said before, paying a quarterback with limited proof of success in big games $30 million is outrageously stupid.

Dak Prescott isn’t Russell Wilson, who won a Super Bowl in his second year in the NFL. Let’s not pretend like he has a huge list of accomplishments that would justify making him one of the top three or four paid players in the league.


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The former Mississippi State star might be talented, but I think we all agree it doesn’t mean much if you don’t win the big ones.

You know why Wilson gets paid the money he does? Because he wins big games and the Seahawks would fall apart without him. The Cowboys might take a hit in the short term without Prescott, but it’s not the same.

It’s mind-boggling to me the Cowboys might even be considering that kind of payday for him. Give him $25 million at most. At most! If he wants more, then let him walk. It’s just not worth gambling the future of the franchise on a contract for a quarterback who hasn’t done much.


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Again, that’s not to say he’s not talented. We all know he is, but he has to prove it in the postseason for me to believe he’s worth that kind of money. As of right now, he simply hasn’t.

Unfortunately for Cowboys fans, I’m sure he will get paid big money. It’s not smart. It’s just not.

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