Scott Berry Cashes In On $100,000 St. Louis Blues Bet, Flies Private To Vegas

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Scott Berry showed up in Las Vegas in style Tuesday to get the $100,000 he won on the St. Louis Blues winning the Stanley Cup.

Berry has gotten a ton of attention after betting $400 on the Blues to win it all back in January when they were the worst team in the league. After they defeated the Bruins, the lucky bettor turned his $400 into $100,000. (RELATED: Scott Berry Wins $100,000 On The St. Louis Blues Winning The Stanley Cup)

How did he get it? Well, he took a private jet with Darren Rovell, his buddy who made $50,000 and some champagne.

The videos of them collecting their prize at the Paris sportsbook are awesome.

No matter who you cheer for in sports, Berry’s story is an awesome one. It’s what all people who gamble on sports dream about.

He rode with his team when nobody believed them, and it resulted in a $400 bet being turned into a $100,000 payday.

Imagine walking up to the sportsbook in a casino and seeing $100,000 in cash sitting on a table. It’s the moment of a lifetime from a gambling perspective.

The Blues were trash when he wagered $400, and they turned it all around to win Berry a ton of money. I sure hope he sends them a thank you letter.

Also, smart of him to take pretty much all of it in a check. You can’t risk hitting the tables with $100,000 in chips and then watching it all disappear.

Get it in a check, let it hit the bank account and then go from there.

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